Better Choices

We innovate to create and promote healthier alternatives

We believe that everyone in the food and drink industry has a role to play in supporting health. We need to do more, faster – and at Danone we are taking action to improve our portfolio and inspire healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking habits.

We want to help people understand what a healthy diet is and the nutritional value of different foods so they can make better choices. Our businesses are taking action.

Our Essential Dairy and Plant-based products offer a range of yogurts and plant-based alternatives. Our Waters brands actively promote the consumption of water as the healthiest way to hydrate. We are expanding our low sugar beverages portfolio as a healthier alternative to regular sugared drinks. Our Specialised Nutrition products offer complementary foods with no added sugar or salt. We also support parents and babies on their weaning journey by developing products that offer appropriate texture progression.


Obesity is one of the biggest health challenges facing the UK. There is no single solution. We believe that product reformulation and innovation is important, but it is only one element. Helping consumers understand what is a healthy diet and the nutritional value of different foods and drink is just as important. Clear and consistent nutrition labelling is a key part of this. We are commited to providing the most appropriate product labelling to encourage healthier choices.


We believe that NutriScore is the best nutrition labelling approach for products intended for adult consumption. It allows consumers to compare the nutritional quality of a product and make an informed choice about what to eat and drink. The NutriScore system grades a product from A to E, based on all its nutritional elements, rather than grading them separately. This makes it much easier for you to know which products have more nutritional value than others. 


In the UK, we are leading the conversation on NutriScore in light of the Governments' recent consultation on Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling. In 2020, we supported a roundtable hosted by the British Nutrition Foundation with key stakeholders in the industry. The aim was to educate them about NutriScore as well as to have an open discussion on it and how the labelling system might be adopted here.


Man eating yogurt

We also work in partnership with the British Dietetic Association, and hosted a roundtable to discuss the role of yogurt in the diet as part of the Eatwell Guide recommendations. The session focused on category challenges and barriers and what we might do as a company to overcome them to help educate consumers.