Better Choices

We innovate to create and promote healthier alternatives

We believe that everyone in the food and drink industry has a role to play in supporting health. We need to do more, faster – and at Danone UK & Ireland we are taking action to offer healthy products and inspire healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking habits.


We want to help people understand what a healthy diet is and the nutritional value of different foods so they can make better choices.

  • Our Dairy and Plant-based products offer a range of yogurts and plant-based dairy alternatives.
  • Our Waters brands actively promote the consumption of water as the healthiest way to stay hydrated, with our low sugar beverages products offering a healthier alternative to regular sugared drinks.
  • Our Specialised Nutrition products offer complementary foods with no added sugar or salt. We also support parents and babies on their weaning journey by developing products that offer appropriate texture progression.


Diet-related ill health is one of the biggest health challenges facing the UK, with millions of people facing obesity and conversely, malnutrition, across the country. These are complex issues and there is no one single solution, but its clear that change is needed. It’s more urgent than ever for industry to step up in delivering practical solutions. 

Alongside Tesco, Danone UK & Ireland is proud to be a co-chair of the Collaboration for Healthier Lives, a coalition of more that 160 retailers, manufacturers, NGOs, academics and public health authorities that aims to explore and trial different ways to support consumers to make healthier choices. The Collaboration for Healthier Lives is part of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), which is a CEO-led organisation that bring consumer goods retailers and manufacturers together around the world.

The Collaboration for Healthier Lives latest report, created with Impact on Urban Health and the University of Oxford, assess the effectiveness of different interventions to improve the healthiness of consumer shopping baskets with some promising results.