Four decades of pioneering the plant-based revolution

Since 1980, Alpro has been on a plant-based mission to make delicious food and help people make positive choices. 

We've come a long way since soya was the only plant-based kid on the block. We've added oats, almonds, hazelnuts and coconut to our list of base ingredients - because good food, starts with good ingredients. Totally yummy - if it wasn't, it simply wouldn't be Alpro!

Alpro joined Danone in 2017. We "B"elieve business can be a force for good.

Since 2018, Alpro has been proudly certified as a B Corp, a group of companies that put people and the planet alongside maximising profit. 

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Making It Better

We are exploring better ways to improve our process and packaging. Whether this be recycling the water and heat we use or using plant-based materials in our packaging, we are making our products as good on the outside as they can be on the inside. We have rolled out our tethered caps across our Alpro range, enhancing their recyclability.

40 years of plant-based!

40 years of leading the food revolution, helping people make positive choices when it comes to food. We started making plant-based foods waaaay before it became trendy!

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