Drinking life in since 1571

Our story began in 1571 when Harrogate’s first mineral spring was discovered by William Slingsby. Harrogate soon became a destination for health and enjoyment, with visitors flocking to ‘take the waters’ and experience the spa town’s vibrant social scene. 450 years on and we’re still bringing to life the essence of Harrogate. Harrogate Spring Water is the No. 1 water brand in out of home* and available across many premium bars, restaurants and hotels across the UK. 

        *CGA OPM Data MAT 31/12/2023

Harrogate Bottles Infographic
Quality guaranteed

Quality guaranteed

Famously known as the birthplace of ‘The English Spa’; Harrogate is a wonder of the natural world, boasting 88 mineral springs, all hydro-geologically unique.1 Our source has been specifically chosen for its excellent water quality, stable mineral composition and purity.

1 Bogs Field in the Valley Gardens is the source of 36 unique mineral springs. A natural wonder of the world, where a greater number of unique mineral springs come to the surface than at any other known place on earth. – Harrogate Civic Society & Geological Society https://www.geolsoc.org.uk/Geoscientist/Archive/September-2016/Wonder-working-waters

All our packaging is 100% recyclable

Our packaging 

All our glass bottles include recycled content, and our plastic bottles include UK-sourced, post-consumer recycled content (rPET) across the whole range. All our bottles are recyclable, including label and cap (keep cap on).

Environmental stewardship

Environmental stewardship

It is our role to take care of our natural environment.
We are committed to water stewardship, working
collaboratively to ensure long-term sustainability. We
work closely with the Environment Agency to protect our
source and catchment. And we work on initiatives to highlight the recyclability of our product to ensure our products stay in the circular economy and are made into new bottles, again and again. 

Our history

B Corp Certified

We are proud to be the first company in North Yorkshire to have achieved B Corp accreditation in February 2020 and join a growing global family of inspiring businesses committed to effecting positive change. B Corp accreditation validates our achievements but, more
importantly, demonstrates our commitment and passion to sustainability and community involvement in the longer term. 

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