Born from the heart of volcanoes

At Volvic we are passionate about the quality and taste of our water. Volvic Natural Mineral Water is characterised by its unique volcanic taste. And we offer exciting ways to stay hydrated* by adding delicious natural flavour to our water.

We’re committed to preserving the natural ecosystems from where our pristine water is sourced, by investing in local projects to actively maintain the balance of biodiversity within the area.

*Drinking at least 2 litres of fluid, including water, a day can contribute to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function. Consume as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.
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Our range

Volvic’s Natural Mineral Water has a unique mineral content giving it a crisp, refreshing taste. Volvic Touch of Fruit range is a refreshing combination of Volvic Natural Mineral Water and a touch of delicious natural flavours. Touch of Fruit comes in two varieties: low sugars and sugar free option. It is available in 8 delicious flavours and 3 different bottle sizes. Touch of Fruit Sparkling is a refreshing blend of British spring water, with delicious natural fruity flavours and light bubbles for added refreshment, brought to you by the experts at Volvic. 




Our Carbon Reduction Journey

As a key step in our sustainability journey, Volvic has transparently calculated and certified the carbon footprint of our products through every stage of their lifecycle. We've put in place a carbon reduction plan to further cut down emissions. Some of the steps we have taken include increasing our use of recycled plastic in our bottles*; moving to lower carbon transport alternatives and distance efficiency; and reducing our carbon emissions by switching to 100% renewable energy at our plain water bottling site.

*excluding caps and labels


At Volvic, we care about people, and we care about the planet. For us, B Corp is so much more than a certification. It’s about using our brand as a force for good.

Our Range