Medical Nutrition is for people who cannot gain the right nourishment with conventional food. Some cannot eat normally, or need specific nutrients to help them grow or to maintain their strength. Others require special nutrition to alleviate disease symptoms, or delay the progression of a disease. Many people find themselves in this situation at some time in their lives.

The science of medical nutrition is evolving rapidly, and with it the understanding that effective and targeted nutritional intervention is an integral part of successful disease management.

Through a variety of channels; hospitals, care homes, the community and pharmacies, the use of Advanced Medical Nutrition helps to improve clinical outcomes and give patients a greater chance of recovery and independence.

Medical Nutrition products and services play an increasingly important role in modern healthcare provision, and Nutricia is a leader and a trusted partner to caregivers in this field. We have an exceptional and broad portfolio of proven nutrition solutions for the frail and elderly, for infants and young children, and for those with special needs or with specific disease conditions. With every patient, our ambition is not only to sustain life, but to improve the quality of life.

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