As experts in infant milk, Aptamil has successfully fed millions of babies worldwide. With over 30 years of experience in baby nutrition, our passionate team of paediatricians, nutritionists and scientists continue to take inspiration from the benefits of nature to develop unique formulas, helping babies to get the nutrition they need at every stage of development.

Aptamil encourages breastfeeding as the best start in life. To ensure that those mums who are not breastfeeding, for whatever reason, are able to give their baby the start they want, we will always work closely with experts and healthcare professionals to ensure that we remain at the forefront of developments in infant nutrition.

We also produce a small range of baby cereals, designed to be used as part of a mixed diet.

Important Notice.
Breastfeeding is best for babies and provides many benefits. It is important that, in preparation for and during breastfeeding, mothers eat a healthy, balanced diet. Combined breast and bottle feeding in the first weeks of life may reduce the supply of breastmilk, and reversing the decision not to breastfeed is difficult. The social and financial implications of using an infant milk should be considered. Improper use of an infant milk or inappropriate foods or feeding methods may present a health hazard. If using an infant milk, parents should follow manufacturer’s instructions for use carefully – failure to follow the instructions may make babies ill. Always consult a doctor, midwife or health visitor for advice about baby feeding.

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What other people think of Aptamil

‘I breastfed my son Isaac until he was 8 months old. When I moved on from breastfeeding to follow-on milk, Aptamil follow-on milk was the only one I considered. I simply wouldn’t use anything else.’
Rebecca, mum to Isaac, 9 months.

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